Nestled behind the hustle and bustle of Lakeside shopping centre is a place of quiet sanctuary and magick known as The Hallowed Emporium.
A Spiritual and Metaphysical shop, providing Crystals, Incense, Tarot and Tools as well as Readings, Insight, Therapies and a variety of holistic classes and events across the UK.
Wherever you are on your spiritual path, The Hallowed Emporium has something to offer you.

Tarot & Oracle Readings

Bespoke tarot readings, lessons, spiritual and intuitive guidance ~ With over 20 years experience

Spiritual Readings

Messages from spirit with our resident medium


Harmony for the mind, body and soul.

Courses & Workshops

Tutoring and mentorship in the Sacred Arts

Hallowed Grimoire

The Covenstead of Eclectic Witchcraft & Practises


Our Selection of trinkets and tools